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» Wrestling Common Injuries

Wrestling Common Injuries

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Wrestling Physical Therapy in Merrimack Valley

Welcome to Gemini Physical Therapy Spine & Sports Rehabilitation's resource about common injuries for wrestling. Correct treatment of an acute injury will minimize recovery time. Gemini Physical Therapy Spine & Sports Rehabilitation can also help you prevent re-injury by teaching you how to maintain good posture and muscle balance, prescribing you a thorough stretching regime, and providing tips for wrestling equipment selection.

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One of the most important ways to prevent injuries in wrestling is to develop good technique. An experienced coach can provide extremely valuable feedback on techniques that can be used to engage in a formidable match while at the same time avoiding injury. It is well known that most injuries occur during the takedown in wrestling therefore in order to minimize the risk of injury at this time, sufficient practice should be devoted to the technique required to safely execute this skill in a controlled practice situation.

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